Restarting Aikido - New Venue

As a consequence of the COVID lockdowns, we have been forced to look at the venues we use very carefully.  We have been at Stratford Park Leisure Centre since it opened in 1975, so it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to move to The Painswick Centre.  We believe that this is an ideal, spacious location for us that will allow us build a better club community.  It will also be able to hold half of our own Judo mats, which were purchased with Lottery funding, giving us better control of the training environment ensuring that the mats are clean and fit for purpose. 

Please come and join us on Sunday 23 May to rekindle your Aikido practice!  We have retained the early Sunday morning practice times of 8.30am - 11.00am but there will be time for a cuppa afterwards.

We are waiting to see what the uptake is before we restart at other venues.  We think that, to start with, people might still be reluctant to practice Aikdo, especially with the weapons-only restrictions still in place.  Once we see that members want to start on Tuesdays and Wednesdays again we will re-open these dojos.  Unfortunately, Wynstone's School will not be available until September but Tetbury can restart as soon as we see there is a demand.

We will be revising our Class fees and New Members Introductory Package to take into account our reduced number of dojos and other restrictions.


As we come out of lockdown, the health and safety of all teachers and students is of paramount importance.  We have been unable to practice Aikido for over a year, so all Aikidoka will be rusty, to say the least.  While we have restrictions preventing us from normal practice, we must ensure that everybody follows the guidance and the rules below.  We also need to restarting exercise with caution and avoid strains or pulled muscles!

Our club is following the guidance in the British Aikido Board's "Aikido COVID Action Plan- Returning to the Dojo", which has been approved by Sport England.  As a National Governing Body, all BAB associations and clubs are treated as being "Organised Sports" and our coaches are recognised by the BAB.  This allows us to practice indoors as long as we adhere to the restrictions still in place - so non-contact Aikido only!

COVID Dojo Rules

Please note that from 19 July, our clubs will be able to practice in doors with full contact Aikido but we will still need to implement sensible precautions. 

All students must adhere to the following rules:

  • You must fill your details in the class register before practicing

  • Do not attend if you have any flu-like symptoms

  • Do not attend if you have a positive COVID test result

  • Always santise your hands before and after practice

  • Always wipe weapons before and after use with antiseptic wipes

  • Please register with the NHS Track and Trace app by using the venue QR code

  • Limit techniques to try to keep a safe distance from others